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If you are a gentleman who is BRAND NEW to seeing someone. (or a gentlemen returning after a long absence). In the spirit of being helpful to making your experience a great one please read the information below..

Most ladies REQUIRE references in order to meet. This is where another lady "vouches" for you. This is THEIR PREROGATIVE and should be respected. But, because of this, it can be very difficult to "break into" this. It is as the old adage states: "How do I get a job if I have no experience?" There are a select few reputable ladies who are "Newbie Friendly". These ladies should be treated with kindness and care, as they are taking a risk, as you do not have another lady vouching for you. These ladies have what is often called "Verification" or "Screening". But, suffice it to say, you will be asked to PROVE that you are who you say that you are. Also, my verification process often changes for my safety. My assistant Miss Betty, usually handles this process. If your behavior puts up any red flags for us during screening, you will be quickly declined with no explanation. It is important to be courteous, kind and respectful during this process. Just as you would want someone to be with you, whom you were sharing yourself with. SIMPLY PUT, THE GOLDEN RULE is how we operate at all times.

Once we meet and the session goes safely and politely, you will be able to visit me again OR I will gladly "vouch" for you to another lady who accepts my references. I will also happily provide you with a referral as well, if you so choose. That being said, I can only vouch for you if you follow "The Rules" of The Hobby. If you attempt to negotiate or dirty talk before meeting, for example, you are hindering my ability to safely recommend you to the next lady. It will be in the back of my mind and I will be worried about recommending you to a reputable lady. So, please read the above websites so that you are making yourself an informed individual.

Warmly, Ginger

1. Your ads say "screening". What information do I need to provide?
a: For everyone's safety, I change my screening process often. Once you send me your number and we decide we would like to meet, I will share with you what the next step is.

2. Will you bring a friend?
a: Yes, please contact me for more info.

3. Do you do "photo-fun" sessions?
a: No, I am sorry, I do not.

4. Can you send me some nude shots?
a: I do not send pics via email or text.

5. Do you do half hour appointments?
a: No. One hour is the shortest appt time.

6. What is your Incall location like?
a: My incalls are always clean, private and at least 3 star.

7. Can I take a shower before and/or after?
a: Absolutely, my guest bathroom is always immaculate and stocked with all the toiletries you may require.

8. I like watching, can you bring a male model?
a: Yes, I have one male friend I enjoy in this situation. This is for regular friends only.

9. Do you have toys?
a: Yes, I have a few toys. You are also welcome to bring one, if you have a favorite.

10. I sent you a text asking you if you like to __________ and you never responded. Why?
a: I do not answer explicit or detailed questions for the safety of all my friends.

11. Does the carpet match the drapes?
a: Yes, it does, but, is always kept clean and neatly waxed.

12. Do you "tour" my city?
a: I currently tour Savannah, Greenville, Birmingham, Macon, Columbus, NYC, DC, NOVA, Los Angeles and Orlando. Please join my free, monthly newsletter for tour updates.

13. How do I know if we will have a good time?
a: You will ;-)

14. I want to bring you a gift, what do you like?
a: Gifts are not expected, by all means! I am lucky enough as it is. But, if you are truly a "giver", my absolute favorite gift to receive is a gift card from Honey Birdette:

15. Can I bring some wine to your house?

You are more than welcome to enjoy a glass of wine.
a: I will gladly open it and pour it for you. I DO NOT CONSUME ALCOHOL

16. Do you negotiate?
a: No, I do not. This is not safe. From time to time, I do offer specials, though.

17. Will you come to me? I currently visit Metro Atlanta and the Airport areas.
a: I reserve the right to decline visiting any area that I may not feel comfortable in.

18. Are you "newbie friendly?"
a: Yes I am. Newbies can make some of the best friends. However, I do require you to show proof that you are who you say you are. After we talk, I can share my newbie screening with you. No hard feelings if you choose not to participate, I realize this is a very personal decision.

19. Do you accept credit cards?
a: No, I do not. However, I do accept prepaid AMEX cards for my donation plus 20%. You must let me know this BEFORE scheduling, in other words, do not just "Show up" with cards. And they must be accompanied with receipt and I must be able to verify them. ​