Finding reviews online has become a challenge. Because of this, I have asked several friends to write a short paragraph about me. :) A testimonial so to speak. :)

Spin - For years Ginger has been a special friend with wonderful benefits. Naturally friendly; intelligent and thoughtful; erotic and adventuresome; playful and humorous………. all are dimensions of this amazing woman. Her pictures show a lovely lady who’s all-girl …… and she’s “the complete package.” In my first review of her I said: “If I had a young friend needing initiation, Ginger is the one I’d take him to.” Still feel that way!

BlerdMan - I have known Ginger for nine years and have enjoyed her modeling services on countless occasions. You would be hard pressed to find a kinder or more accommodating lady – she has beauty, brains, and a bevvy of gorgeous model friends that work with her. Ginger always goes the extra mile to make fantasies come true and I can’t recommend her strongly enough!

xyz23 - I have known Ginger for 6 years and seen her at parties, lunches and various get-togethers. I find her to be genuine, what you see is what you get. She is a caring, fun person. She is delightful to be around and I always enjoy our conversations. I appreciate her integrity and professionalism.