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Be the first to see my new photos! I also send newsletters so you can keep up with my availability. Please send your email and put "Newsletter" in the message area. Be sure to mention what area you are in! Thanks!

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you can contact me there too.
Cancellations will incur a fee and going forward, you may be required to pay a deposit to hold future appointments. Cancellations hurt Providers as they turn other meetings down. Thank you for understanding.

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When you contact me for the first time, please send as much info as you can to help speed up screening.
i.e.: Your name, phone number, age, brief description and more.
If you have references from other ladies, send their names and contact info. If you are a newbie, we can do a newbie screening.
E-mail is my preferred method of contact:
My assistant and I are usually fairly quick to respond. Please send an email to check in with us if you do not hear back right away. My assistant answers emails Monday through Friday during business hours and much more. I also answer emails as often as possible. Advance appointment requests are preferred, and will usually provide you with your requested time. However, you are always welcome to contact me with last minute requests anytime! If I am available, I will be happy to see you! :)   All new friends must be screened. If you have seen any other providers before, we are happy to contact them for a reference. I also accept members and TER White Listings. NEWBIES are welcome here too! Contact me for more info! If you have seen other providers before, you are not a newbie. Please send any references you have. Thanks.

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