Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website.

Since you are taking a few moments to research your choice, more than likely you are a discerning gentleman. Let me help you by telling you a little about me...

I grew up in an affluent suburb of Atlanta. I was raised in a strictly religious home. Therefore, I believe, I always harbored a little repressed naughty girl! However, because I was the oldest of many children, I developed a sweet, nurturing demeanor. I attended University here in Georgia and completed my Bachelor's degree. I have had an EXTENSIVE "Corporate Career" and I only mention that to let you know I do understand some of your stresses, such as traveling after working 12 hours or living mostly from hotels except on weekends. In short... YOU NEED TO BE PAMPERED! The best traits about my personality are that I am a deep thinker, great conversationalist, EXCELLENT LISTENER and, above all else, I possess a goofy sense of humor. But, hopefully, you are not coming over to talk for very long?

As far as my physical stature...I am very tall, actually 5'10" with extremely long legs. I am a natural redhead, so I have some freckles. I have big, blue eyes, which are my favorite feature. I have, what I would call a "cute" face, but, have also been described as pretty.  I have never had children, but, as I am in my mid 40s, I have a "MILF" look. My breasts do stand out, as I am a natural 36-G. 

Behind closed doors, you will find me to be extremely passionate and open minded with an insatiable desire. I am a mid volume lady, so I am always found to be "in the mood." I definitely enjoy romance. I would characterize myself as having a slight submissive tendency naturally. However, I am open to exploring and playing with different roles. I can and will happily play. 

I have an assistant named Miss. Betty. She is a highly respected, RETIRED provider with over 12 years experience. She and I have been working together since 2011. She will always identify herself when she replies to emails.